A downloadable game

Trio Word Game is a derivative of Wordz and Binal Wordz, only that you find three words consisting of 4 letters.  This version is more challenging as there are more words to solve with the same number of guesses applying to the game. 

Today is also the 03/03/2023, so it the perfect day to release the game!

Each word has a different background tile to distinguish each word that is being played.     

To assist you with solving the words, a random letter in each word is provided for you for free.   Tip:  Use this letter to your advantage to eliminate certain words/letters and to help you find the words faster!  

Guess a four letter word and then press [Return].  If you want to make a change to your guess before submitting your word, you can press backspace to fix any letters.

After each guess, the colour of letters will give you clues to solve each word   

  1. Green - right letter, right position 
  2. Yellow - right letter, different position 
  3. Gray - letter not in the word.

At the end of 7 attempts and you have not guessed all three secret words, they will be revealed to you. 


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